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Electric Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions
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With the UK Government committed to removing petrol and diesel vehicles from our roads by the year 2030, now is a great time to investigate the benefits of leasing and driving an electric vehicle.

The majority of EV’s available in the UK market can be leased via Knowles.

TIP: When requesting a quote, set the “Fuel Type” search option drop-down to “Electric” to see only Electric Vehicles.

If you don’t see a specific EV listed, then call our Quote Team on 01206 255420 for further assistance.


HMRC have set “benefit in kind” (BIK) rates for EV’s to 1% for tax year 2021/22, and 2% the following three tax years. The tax payable for future tax years is shown at the bottom of each quote.

Yes, all relevant incentives have been included within the quote.

This figure is for HMRC benefit in kind (car benefit tax) purposes only and does not reflect the actual purchase price of the car.

Yes. The reimbursement will show as a credit on the quote.

Ranges vary depending on make/model; an increasing number of vehicles will now cover 200+ miles on a single charge. For example, the latest Renault Zoe can cover up to 242 miles and the Tesla Model 3 up to 348 miles, all on a single charge.

A comprehensive vehicle guide is available here: https://www.zap-map.com/electric-vehicles/electric-models/

Please note that electric range can vary depending on driving style, type of journey, weather conditions, etc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding range, please visit the manufacturers website, or contact us on 01206 255420 and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

The best way is to charge the vehicle when it is stationary, at home and/or at work. Like your mobile phone, plug it in at night, topping up during the day only if needed.

When a home or work charging point can’t be accessed, many public charging points are now available. Information is available online when planning a journey, for example here: https://www.zap-map.com/

Whilst the cost of installing a home charging point is not included with your lease, we have partnered with a leading UK charging point installation company to offer you an easy and cost-effective solution, including the available Government Grant.

To take advantage of the priority service from our partner please email evcharging@kafleet.com or call us on 01206 255 420 so we can refer you.

Most manufacturers will include a charging cable with an electric vehicle, either a lead for a domestic 3 pin socket or a “Type 2” fast charging cable. Please check with the manufacturer which cable (if any) is included with your vehicle of choice before placing your application. Please note that a 3 pin cable is designed for emergency use only and may take a significant time to fully charge an electric vehicle.

Most home and public charge points use a “Type 2” connector and we recommend that you check with the vehicle manufacturer that the car you plan to lease has the appropriate cable included if you intend to have a charging point fitted at your property.

TIP: You can order a Type 2 charging cable from our home charging partner when you use them to install your home charging point.

A typical EV with a 60kWh battery will take less than 8 hours to charge from empty to full. Many drivers top up their charge regularly, rather than waiting for the battery to empty.

You can compare the cost of charging an EV to fuelling a petrol/diesel car here: https://www.zap-map.com/tools/journey-cost-calculator/

Most manufacturers take around 16 weeks to produce and deliver a new car. However, this can be subject to change. Rest assured that Knowles will keep you fully informed with regular delivery updates, once your order is placed.

Tesla’s are offered on our website to lease (subject to your organisations lease policy) but there are number of issues which are unique to Tesla you need to be aware of:

  • Increased servicing/maintenance and repair times - In the event your Tesla must go in for maintenance work or accident repair this can take longer than with other makes of car due to the availability of replacement parts. In the event that you are issued with a courtesy car the car, it is unlikely to be Tesla.

  • It is possible that you may be required to collect your vehicle from your nearest Tesla Delivery Centre. You should take this into consideration when placing your order as depending on your location you may need to travel a considerable distance due to there being only a limited number of stores across the UK.

  • Range on collection - We have been advised that all Tesla leave the factory with only 20-30% range capacity. Whilst some dealerships ensure that your new car is fully charged for you prior to collection we cannot guarantee this.

  • Correspondence directly from Tesla – If you receive any correspondence/updates directly from Tesla or via the Tesla Website/App relating to your order, please forward this info to Knowles Fleet at the earliest convenience. Vehicle collection must be arranged via Knowles Fleet and not directly with Tesla, failure to do so could result in you driving an uninsured vehicle.

  • Please note that the excess for insurance claims (excluding windscreen claims) involving a Tesla vehicle is £750.

Please call our team on 01206 255420 who will be happy to help.