You can access useful telephone numbers by going to, scroll down and select the 'Click here to get info' button, enter your registration number and clicking 'Check'.

When your vehicle is delivered please ensure you:

Are given at least 2 door keys

Have a locking wheel nut key (if you have alloy wheels)

Have a vehicle handbook

Have thoroughly checked the vehicle for any damage or paint issues (any issue noted after the vehicle has been signed for cannot be rectified by the dealer)

Have been shown by the delivery driver how to operate the vehicle

Do not sign for the vehicle until you are completely happy with its condition and operation

The name of your Lease Company can be found by logging into your online account or checking your vehicle details as above

To book a service call the Service & MOT number

Generally most servicing is carried out on the anniversary of the vehicle or at a set mileage i.e. every 10,000 miles; whichever comes first. This information can vary depending on the manufacturer and can be found in your vehicle handbook which will normally be located in your glovebox. If you are still unsure, you can speak to your local franchise dealer or call the service and repair number.

Do not book your car into an independent garage, the lease company may not authorise the service and you may have to pay for any work done

Courtesy cars are not guaranteed; book your service early to increase your chance of getting one

If you have a courtesy car for more than 2 days, advise Knowles Fleet

The maintenance contract does not cover work required as a result of damage, driver misuse, or failure to maintain the car to the manufacturers recommendations

Call the windscreen number

Quote the account number

Be near your car when you call to supply details

Provide your car details make, model etc.

Provide contact and location details

If you have any issues, ask the agent to call 01206 257220

Try to avoid coming to a stop where you are obstructing the road

If stopped on a carriageway or motorway turn your steering wheel inward away from the road to avoid being pushed into traffic

If stopped by the side of the road, leave your car and stand somewhere away from the traffic

If you have to remain in the vehicle, sit on the side furthest away from the traffic

If you have a smart phone, use a map service to pinpoint your location before calling the breakdown service

If you do not have a smart phone look for landmarks or signs to help the breakdown team locate you

Call the breakdown number

If breakdown are unable to repair your car, have it towed to the nearest franchised dealer

If you have a warning triangle, deploy it, if it is safe to do so

Keep something warm in your car i.e. coat, fleece, blanket to keep you warm if you breakdown

Ensure your locking wheel nut key is available (you will usually have one of these if you have alloy wheels) in the event your tyres need to be replaced.

The minimum legal tread depth for a car tyre is 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread and around the full circumference of the tyre

You can receive 3 penalty points and up to a £2,500 fine for using a vehicle with defective tyres

Check tyre pressure and tread depths regularly

Check daily for stones or nails in the tread

Remove any oil, fuel or paint from tyres immediately

If your tyres need replacing call the tyre number

Normal tyre replacement is part of your contract, this is subject to tyre availability and you will not be automatically entitled to a replacement vehicle whilst waiting for your tyres to be replaced.

Replacement due to misuse or neglect may not be covered

Contact Knowles Fleet if you require a hire car

If you plan to Travel Abroad contact Knowles Fleet at least one month before travel

The lease company must authorise you to take the car abroad

They will issue a ‘Car on Hire Certificate’ (VE103R)

You will need a copy of the Insurance Certificate

Please check driving regulations for the country you wish to visit

Obtain European Breakdown cover (not included in your Contract)

In many countries it is a legal requirement to carry:

Fire extinguisher

First aid kit

Warning triangle

Reflective jacket

Headlamp beam reflectors

Spare bulbs

For details on Driving Abroad go to

Check your engine oil, water levels, tyre pressures & the operation of brakes and lights on a regular basis, particularly in cold weather

Although some manufacturers now use a misfuelling prevention device in their vehicles, you must ensure you are filling up with the correct fuel. Misfuelling can lead to irreparable damage to your vehicle’s engine and potentially leave you without transport while the engine is repaired/replaced.

In the event of you misfuelling your vehicle, most of the irreparable damage can be avoided by not starting the engine. Please contact us as soon as you become aware of any misfuelling so we can advise you of the best course of action. Mis-fuelling is not covered under the contract and you will be required to pay any costs associated with misfuelling.

If you have an accident stop as soon as it’s safe

Try to remain calm

If a person is injured called the emergency services

Obtain as many details as possible about anyone involved

Record if they appeared to have suffered injuries

Obtain names, addresses and contact details of all independent witnesses

Photograph the damage to your car and the third party

Photograph the scene of the accident i.e. signposts, junctions, road markings

Record road name and postcode

Only give your name NEVER give any other personal details to the third party

Give any 3rd parties your name, registration number and our telephone number (01206 257220)

NEVER admit liability

If your car is undriveable call the breakdown number.

Report the accident and arrange repairs by going to and selecting ‘Report an Accident’

If you are injured go and see a Doctor and report it to Knowles Fleet as soon as possible

It is illegal to use your phone while driving unless you have hands free access

The law still applies even if you are stationary in traffic or at lights

The police can stop you even when using hands free if they think you’re not in control of the vehicle

If you must make a call, park in a safe place and switch off your engine

Avoid calling or speaking to anyone you know is driving

Using a mobile phone while driving can incur 6 Penalty Points and a £200 fine, if the case goes to court you could be disqualified and/or receive a fine of £1,000

Eco-Driving saves around 20% of fuel, reduces car emissions and reduces fuel costs

Find Cheaper Fuel by visiting

Have your car serviced at the intervals specified

Don’t over rev your engine, accelerate gradually

Change gear as early as possible

Avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration

Avoid using a roof rack, box or bike carrier

Avoid using air conditioning or opening the windows

Remove unnecessary cargo

Avoid multiple short trips—try to combine them

Plan your route to avoid congestion.

Check tyre pressure regularly and adjust for heavier loads

Turn off electrical items when not required, e.g. lights

Keep the car rolling where possible

Make sure you use the correct engine oil

Your lease car is classified as a company car by HMRC

You may receive a coding notice from the HMRC or tax may be taken at source (known as payrolling)

We are not tax specialists and are unable to help with any other aspect of your tax code

We can only confirm that your car benefit is correct

If you received a change of code and are unsure if the change is correct, scan and email your tax coding notice to

If your employer does payrolling and you are unsure if the value shown on your payslip is correct, scan and email your payslip to

If you need to claim business miles and are unsure how to do so, call us on 01206 255425 or email and we will advise you

Please provide us with an odometer reading every month by email to if not completing mileage claims on the Knowles Fleet online system

If you need to change your business or private mileage please email

We will make every effort to advise you if we think changes are required however, it is your responsibility to advise us if you need to make a change, we will not accept any liability for end of contract mileage charges because of incorrect contract business or private miles.

This information has been provided to assist you throughout your contract. Every care has been taken to ensure the information provided is correct at the time of publication however Knowles Associates TFM Ltd will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Satellite Navigation:

The inclusion of built in touchscreens is becoming common practice with a lot of vehicles now sporting this option as standard.

Originally, built in screens were generally used to facilitate the use of a built in satellite navigation system. With the inclusion of screens becoming more frequent it can lead to some drivers wrongly assuming that their vehicle has this function as standard although, this may not always be the case.

Despite the fact the vehicle may not have built in satellite navigation it is possible your touchscreen could offer a solution. Some touchscreens now come with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto functions built in. This essentially allows you to connect your phone to your touchscreen via a cable [cable varies depending on the type of device you are using] which gives you access to a multitude of Apps including Maps, all of which are controlled via the touchscreen. Details of how you can use these services are included below:

Apple Car Play:

Android Auto:

It is important that you check your vehicle handbook and the vehicle spec prior to ordering as not all touchscreens will have these functions.