Frequently Asked Questions
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On the quote request page you can choose any car from a pull down menu. New car models are constantly being released and availability changes frequently.

If you decide to request a salary sacrifice quote select the option on the quote request form. Some organisations may not offer salary sacrifice at this time, if this is the case the option will not appear and you will not be able to request quotes for this payment method.

The contract includes all costs of finance, maintenance, servicing, tyres, windscreen and glass, payment of fuel for business journeys, comprehensive insurance and full support from Knowles Associates.

The contract does not include fuel for private use, top up fluids including antifreeze, engine oil and Adblue if required. This only applies between servicing; if any fluids are refilled as part of the service it will be included.

Some diesel engines require Adblue to comply with Euro 6 emission standards because it reduces harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.

Unfortunately not all manufactures include Adblue in the vehicle name but most cars that use 'Blue' in the description use it. Generally, most German and French makes including Audi, BMW Citroen, Volkswagen and Mercedes do use it. The only way that you can be sure is to check the manufacturer's website or ask your local garage.

Before you make your vehicle selection, we would like to make you aware of diesel cars that use a diesel particulate filter. If you are a driver that makes frequent short journeys, you should consider very carefully if a diesel vehicle with a particulate filter is right for you. If you are unsure if the vehicle you would like has this type of filter, please visit the manufacturers website and review the technical specification of the vehicle. Alternatively, please call us on 01206 255 420.

1. If you need any help or assistance please call 01206 255 420

As an employee of the NHS you will qualify for very attractive discounts from motor manufactures; for example Ford give discounts up to 34%, BMW up to 23% Volkswagen up to 25% etc. You will not have to pay any deposit or undergo a credit check. All the costs of owning a car are included such as servicing, tyres RFL, Insurance etc and they are all fixed for three years. You can make extra savings if you choose to pay by salary sacrifice

If you leave the Trust a termination penalty may apply and this is a multiple of your monthly rental. In the first year it is 5 months rental reducing to 3 months in year two and 1 month in year three. If you transfer the car to another NHS employer you can take the car with you subject to their agreement.

These cars are currently the best priced lease vehicles available to you. To obtain quotations for any of these vehicles please continue to the request a quote page;

Most cars are factory orders and will take around 12 - 14 weeks from order to delivery so please take this into account when you make your choice. Some vehicles may take longer.

The car benefit tax detailed within your quotation is for information only; for further details, please request a call-back from the menu bar when you are logged in to your account or seek independent advice.

Salary Sacrifice means that you agree to reduce your gross pay by the rental for your car for the period of the contract. By reducing your gross pay you will also reduce the amount of income tax national insurance and pension that is taken. To provide an accurate quote you will be asked to provide your Gross Salary and Tax Code. If these details are unavailable, please enter £25,000 as a salary and 1100L as a tax code, this will calculate your quotes on a basic rate of tax.

Salary deduction means that the rental for the car you choose is deducted from your take home pay each month for 36 months. The take home pay is the amount after your deductions for income tax, National Insurance and Pension Contributions have been made.